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About Quantum Finance Forecast Center

The concept of quantitative investment has been developed for more than more than 30 years, which is based on the data, taking the strategy model as the core, taking the procedural transaction as the means, and pursuing the profit as the target investment method. The essence of quantitative investment is a probability theory, by looking for a common, regular or large probability event in the market, and repeated it, using the law of large number to seek to obtain the proceeds. At present, 90% of Wall Street's funds using quantitative analysis (mutual funds/hedge funds), the U.S. market 70% of trading volume by algorithmic transactions, it can be said that quantitative investment has become the mainstream of overseas mature market investment way one. 

Quantum Financial Forecast (QFFC) adhering to the international advanced quantitative investment concept, with the integration of AI-Fintech system invented by Dr. Raymond LEE - "Quantum Financial Forecast Technology" to translate market data and technical indicators into the daily and weekly forecasts of major international financial products, their corresponding quantified price levels and corresponding computer strategies, and to make statistical rankings of these computer forecasts for different periods of time (daily, weekly, monthly, historical). 

In addition, through the MQL programming language, it also compiles an EA (Expert Advisor) automatic trading program for each predictive product. It also provides value-added services such as web support, software development, technical support, data mining and system advisor for partners.